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Composite & Fantasy Edits - The Li'l Red Series

Cosplay and Fantasy Edits

If you want something truly epic, we can do a fantasy composite portrait for you. Does your child want to be a SuperHero, a wizard, Little Red Riding Hood, or a fairy-tale princess? Do you have an epic cosplay outfit? We will design a fantasy portrait unique to your imagination, and bring it to life.

My daughter wanted to go as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween this year, so I took her into the studio to get a series of shots. Then, I had fun in Photoshop editing for her!

Li'l Red

This is a fantasy edit in the style of the Whimsy Waifs by Kelly Robitaille. We can "waif" anyone, does not have to be a child. There are other Whimsy Waifs in our Fantasy Portraits Gallery.

Li'l Red in the style of Whimsy Waifs by Kelly Robitaille

Li'l Red and the Friendly Wolf

A sweet composite edit with Little Red Riding Hood after making friends with the wolf in the woods

Little Red Riding Hood - Fantasy composites by Calamity Jane Photography Studio in Las Vegas

Who's Afraid?

This is a composite portrait I created after my Little Red Critic wanted a scarier version than the friendly wolf composite above. She agreed that this one was "very very scary"!

The Big Bad Wolf - fantasy composite edit

You can view more of our fantasy and composite portraits in our Fantasy Portraits Gallery.

Call 702.625.0397 to book your session!

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