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Birth Photography and Videography

I have worked in the field of birth and postpartum recovery since 2006. I have helped so many couples navigate the transition to parenthood through classes, research and hands-on postpartum support. I have also experienced three natural births, in my home, surrounded by supportive women.

Birth is my passion. I have seen it and experienced it, and can provide quiet, calm documentation of your personal birth story. 

Through a combination of video clips and still photography, I create a Birth Story that is all about you, your family, and your journey. 

If you are interested in hiring me, I would have a phone consultation to discuss your birth plan, your vision for your documentary, and what kind of birth you hope to have.

When you hire me as your birth photographer and/or videographer, I go on call for you starting at 38 weeks gestation. I remain on call for you until your baby is born. I document your active labor, the birth, and the initial bonding time with your new baby.


Photo and Video Combination

Typically, my clients prefer that I take a variety of photographs and also record video during each phase. I then edit that into one cohesive documentary, your Birth Story. With this package, you receive a series of 4x6 prints as well as the digital files of about 25 edited photos from the birth, as well as the completed Birth Story video. 

Birth Photography Only

If you prefer Birth Photography only, you will receive a set of 4x6 prints, and corresponding digital files. You will also receive a video slideshow set to music. Typically, about 35 images capturing the highlights are included. 

Videography Only

If you prefer a Birth Video only, I will exclusively videotape and not take many photographs. Your video will be professionally edited into a documentary featuring scenes from your birth. 

Contact Us

Call or text 702.625.0397 to see if we are available on your due date! I would love to capture this incredible time in your life.

We support all families, birthing people, and surrogate births. 

Calamity Jane suppors all families, LGBTQ and transgender birthing persons.
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