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The Purpose-Driven Business Workshop

You're an entrepreneur! You started a business for many reasons - but your business is your "how". Define your "why" and convey it to your clients with an Audio Logo.

The Purpose-Driven Workshop - another great event hosted by Calamity Jane Photography Studio in Las Vegas

Leave this workshop with a fully articulated why, a professionally videotaped one-minute video to share with your clients (your Audio Logo) that will attract your ideal client, and the tools you need to create a Purpose-Driven Business. Why create a Purpose-Driven Business

Purpose-driven businesses attract loyal FANS, not just repeat customers. They stand out from their competitors as forward-thinking leaders, and they attract talent that actually wants to commit and engage with them, online and in person. How do you build a Purpose-Driven Business that creates FANS? In this workshop, Impact Coach Robyn Eckersley will guide you through a full exploration of your WHY. 1. Discuss your How versus your Why 2. Discover your Passion Causes 3. Walking The Why Create Your Audio Logo After a catered lunch, Jodi Selander of Calamity Jane Photography Studio will share tips and tricks to present yourself to your ideal client in a way that allows them to connect with you. You will receive personalized help in creating your one-minute Audio Logo script. When you are ready, our videography team will create your Audio Logo for you and present it to you on a custom USB. What you will receive from the Purpose-Driven Workshop

A clearly-articulated why that will turn clients into fans A clear guide on how to Walk Your Why A one-minute Audio Logo that will attract your ideal client. Sign up today - space is extremely limited!

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